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What is The Troop?

Making The Chimp Model Accessible

Over the years we’ve had lots of requests for one-to-one coaching, workshops, keynotes and conferences. The Troop is a way of helping us to reach more people and extend their learning in their own time.

The Troop has two purposes:

 1. To present to you, the information and expertise we have on the Chimp Model.

2. To develop a community, so like-minded people can form friendships and learn from each other.

How Does The Troop Work?

Foundation Videos

The Foundation Videos are the starting point for all new members. These videos will help you to understand the chimp model and are the basis of learning to successfully manage you chimp.

Monthly Episodes

Every month, Steve presents a magazine-style programme along with his team of mentors. In this, he puts forward some key points for you to reflect on. Within the programme, there are also ‘development time’ tasks for you to reflect on to hopefully improve your quality of life from the Chimp Management mentor team and input from others who have benefited from the chimp model

Discussion Boards

Once you’ve had a chance to reflect on the latest episode, you can then go to the discussion board. This is your opportunity to share your ideas and reflections on the key points from the episode and to learn from each other. Our mentors follow these discussions and will join in when possible, to help guide the conversation.


One or more of the mentors who have been following the discussion board will produce a podcast/webinar. This will discuss the main points raised in the discussion and bring everything from the previous episode and the discussion board together.

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"Don't forget to engage support from your troop. They can offer objective advice and encouragement, provided you ask them for this"

– Professor Steve Peters, The Chimp Paradox