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What is The Troop?

The Troop is an online platform for you to develop and learn new skills and learn more about who you are. It is also the place for us all to share our experience and knowledge and grow as a group under the guidance of professor Steve Peters, facilitated by the team of chimp mentors.

The Troop offers exclusive access to our monthly episodes presented by Professor Steve Peters and the Chimp Management mentors.

In addition to this we create forum topics (discussion boards) based around the episode so you can continue discussing ideas from the episode and learning from fellow troop members. The discussion board is guided by mentors where and when possible.

This discussion board then forms the basis for our monthly webcast/podcast where mentors will discuss recurring themes, problems and ideas from the community of members and expand on them.

"Don't forget to engage support from your troop. They can offer objective advice and encouragement, provided you ask them for this"

– Professor Steve Peters, The Chimp Paradox